• KIBELE Counseling is a supply company that established in Macedonia. The biggest problem of buyers is not reaching to the right seller. However, Kibele can do this. It also provides you, with contact with the right seller, directly.
  • Our company Kibele based in Macedonia is comprised of professionals in the field of importation and exportation, providing services in all over the world. We provide a global business network generating exciting opportunities for our customers to benefits from our offerings as well as a platform for our partners to expand their business globally. Our Mission is to provide high quality & flexible services by providing the meeting of the request of the end buyer from all over the world with the selling in a cost-effective way to achieve ultimate satisfaction of our customers. We have many selling and marketing representatives and partners in many countries and we take new requests via the channel of our representatives.
  • Weare an international marketing Company.
  • There are many fake vendor companies on the Internet.
  • This is our business. After that, the seller and buyer start document processing. Production of sugar factories in Brazil is refined white crystal sugar that is produced from sugarcane. We provide shipment from the sugar seller company in Brazil directly.
  • Our Goal :Our vision is to provide top-notchendtoend service for suppliers and buyers for all goods and products.
  • Our mission is to assist suppliers to identify the right buyers, facilitate the delivery of good and accelerate business transactions.
  • Our goal is to provide superior customer service, deliver value and establish long-term. business partnerships with our customers.

Kibele Kompani Dooel

  • Petroleum Products
  • Agricultural Products
  • Wheat, Soybean
  • Sonflower Oil
  • Icumsa45 Sugar
  • Contact

  • Email: info@cybeleagency.net
  • Email: adnankurnaztr@gmail.com
  • Web: http://www.cybeleagency.net
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kibele-global-trading-and-m-292294146/
  • Address: Venijamin Machukovski 1A/1-31 Skopje- Makedonia

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